On June 1, 1950, following the merger of Monarch Airlines, Challenger Airlines and Arizona Airways, Frontier Airlines began service to the midwest and Rocky Mountain west. On August 24, 1986 all operations ceased but the airline continued on until May 31, 1990 when bankruptcy proceedings were completed - forty years to the day from beginning to end. Frontier Airlines only exists in our memories now. This is my attempt to keep the memory alive

I wish to thank the many photographers who have made this site possible by generously allowing their works to be displayed here. Where the name of the photographer is known, credit is cheerfully given.

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Eric Gervais Collection
Emily Howell 1
Annual Report 1971
Annual Report 1972
The Frontier Story Brochure
Postcards 1
Postcards 2
Flying Is...
Frontier Promotional Merchandise
Your Key To The Cockpit
FL News Oct-Nov 1967
Bag Tags 1
Frontier-PE Ballot/Agreement
The Airline Employee - Spring 1986 Edition


DC3-C47 Types
DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otters
Convair 340-440-580-600 Types
MD80 Type Aircraft
B-727 Aircraft
B-737 Aircraft
Beech 99 Aircraft
Frontier Horizon Aircraft


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